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Paint: Trunk Splater - choose colour (No More)  [0]


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Paint: Trunk Splater - choose colour (No More)

  SORRY... we are unable to legally import paints now.. with the Federal Governments Money Grab.. for Annual Licensing and MAJOR fines for people bringing in paint.. declared.. that is NOT licensed. Its only around $380 Per Year for the License.. but is required commercially for ONE can or 1000 cans..   US Suppliers are now NOT supplying paints for customers due to the Security Issues that have also openned up in recent years... 

  We currenty have now run out of TRUNK splatter paint..we do have various engine paints left and specific trim colors. .but this one is dead.. sorry...



Large 500 mil spray can of the correct shading of boot / trunk SPLATTER paint for the late 50's to 81 era boot / trunk lid sides.

  • Grey & White
  • Aqua & black
  • Grey & Black
  • Good size for a simple refresh of the side..., might consider 3 cans if you want to do it with a bit more detail or go over most all the trunk area.

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