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Bargain Bin: Big box of DVD's & CD's.. ex personal stuff..  [DVD Bundle]


 Price:  $33.00


This is from my own personal collection. Have watched them all too much.. taking up room. so the first $22 gets them.. Freight is additional.

Collectors series of  " MASH " too in this lot.... some Dirty Harry .. Car DVD's.. some 60''s/ 70's Rock & Roll DVD's.. Neil Diamond concert .. Cher's farewell Tour.. Elton John One Night only.. some Good Aussie movies..Hill Street Blues.. the Mentalist.. Elvis's 68 comeback tour..  The Twist & Shout Aussie rockers set... even a Knight Rider DVD pack....  plus Cd's etc..Heaps.

ENLARGE THE IMAGE to read the titles.. .

The Entire box of stuff for $33. (or if your local.. a 12 pack of Corona Light to be kept for  Christmas...) First in  .. first served. Will not split it up.

Click on the image.. for titles.. some good stuff in there.. more bloke's stuff then ladies but .. so be it.

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