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A Disc Brake Kit: FRONT 59-64 Full Size- w/ Slotted Rotors & Col  [PW16392B 3R]


 Price:  $1,295.00


A Disc Brake Kit: FRONT 59-64 Full Size- w/ Slotted Rotors & Col

This is a good complete kit, comes with instructions for easier factory type assembly.    Why would you try an fit a HQ or some other "mongrel" bit of this and that type kit...

  This is a GM engineered correct for weight Disc kit... designed off the 1969 to mid 80's most successfully widely used GM front disc brake ever.... Just maybe remember to freshen up the rear brake and change the rear hose.. Do it ONCE PROPERLY..

If you have been in the trade a bit.. you will also recognise the valve that the rotors and pads are GM Replica's and are .. on going.. a commonly available part. Also good for rego authorities.


  • El Camino, Impala, Belair, Parisienne, Laurentian


  • 11" Slotted Rotors.
  • Loaded Large Coloured GM Calipers - Red or Black as required - these are easy to maintain 69 & on GM caliper.. the most common USA GM   brake components used in the last 50 years.
  • Caliper Brackets, Hoses with Banjo Bolts,
  • Vacuum Hose with Intake Manifold Fittings,
  • Bearings, Seals, Dust Caps, Spindle Nuts, Spindle Washers,
  • all Hardware,
  • Cast Iron Master Cylinder,
  • Brass Proportioning Valve Kit
  • .... and a 8" new Power Brake Booster OR whatever size you want like a 7"' 9" or 11"...???         We'll swap it and set it up .. No extra cost... OR.. If unsure ... Just keep the booster pack very clean and neat and we'll swap and work with you the way it should be to get the parts best suited...often but the  
  • We also supply new complete rear wheel cylinders to make the Hydralics all new.



STOCKS ARE LIMITED...We have multiples of 9 different kits in stock but if there is a run on them then it can be up to 3 weeks for restock supply. But normally in stock....for the  59-64 Full size.

If need be call up & we'll check todays stock   ... If worse comes to worse its a 21 day wait....or less..... plan ahead.

Delivery:  Truck freight only .. NO COD.. this is a very kit of normally three  heavy cartons. Costs for Australian delivery is $33 to $150 pro-rata from Wollongong.

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