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Wheel bearing & Seal Kit. (front - both sides) - 64-92 Choose...  [KIT0xxx]


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 Price:  $86.10


Wheel bearing & Seal Kit. (front - both sides) - 64-92 Choose...

    Pick your model and we'll put the kit together that makes sense & saves you a few bucks...

    Replacing wheel bearing particularly when changing disc rotors or drums will make a marked difference in travel feel.. they don't last forever.. they stuff up occassionally under load & age.. the results of high speed bearing problems are not pretty...

 These are a sensible and a cheap service kit.

Each kit contains ....

  • Front outer inner bearings (2)
  • Front outer bearing cones (2)
  • Inner Bearings (2)
  • Inner bearing cones(2)
  • Front wheel bearing seals (2)

Illustration is for general recognition purposes only.. different kits will appear slightly different...but we make up the right it from your details your logging in.

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