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Steering Column "worn bearings" repair kit  [PW10946]


 Price:  $155.47


Steering Column \"worn bearings\" repair kit

This GM repair kit for the upper steering column for most 69 thru to 92 model GM F body & B body (big car) & A body cars (Lemans, Cutlass etc).

Commonly worn parts kit provide the 2 main bearings collars, ignition rack & plastic gear/cog & tension spring for the upper support area of the Steering column, particularly the Tilt steer jobs. The Ignition ROD.. connects to the large cast rack (marked "A" ) and is primed by the turning of the ignition lock .. the ROD inturn.. moves down and makes the IGNITION SWITCH make contact.. .. and you have lift off...!!..

"SOMETIMES".. part A and the ROD (not shown) that goes down to your ignition switch STICKS.. /Jams.. and make the turning of the IGNITION LOCK very sticky.. notchy etc..

Parts are primarily outlined here in red.

Here is a link to a pretty good general run down on a R&R.. based on a GM Fiero Colomn..all very similar

NOTE: If your changing these parts because the  ignition l


How to change it..??? watch this..


Your lock is sticking or perhaps you can't release the lock to get your ignition key out..... and your car is a 69-81 Firebird TA, Camaro, GTO/Chevelle or full size  .. IN   R H D  converted form.. .. or your having trouble turning the ignition lock to the point where its jambing.. on your Right Hand Drive Car.. .. CHECK FIRST.. the small lever at the base of your steering colomn . under the power booster.. that rod coming out of the colomn with an eyelet on it is originally a safety feature to prevent it being started in anything but PARK for autos or Neutral for manuals.. .. sometimes this lever - if NOT wired or welded up or pushed around to it UN-engaged position - will slip into the lock position & prevent the cars ignition switch from turning...    Just something to keep in mind.

  • Also consider strongly the Spere Kit for Joint repair.

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