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IAC: Idle Air Control Valve - 85-91 V8  [PW11018]


 Price:  $121.42


IAC: Idle Air Control Valve - 85-91 V8

Idle Air Control Valve for the 1985-91 TBI Throttle Body Injected GM V8 & Tune Port Injected (F & 8 code V8).

FITS Camaro, Firebird TA & Corvette Plus others..

  • Also known as Idle Motor valve...
  • Genuine GM AC Delco Higher quality part.

        The Air Idle Control Motor (ICM) regulates the air at idle through the throttle body.

       The car's computer controls the amount of air going into the engine by controlling the ICM. These replace the function of the idle speed screw used on the older carburetors which held the air plates (or butterfly valve) open a small amount.

       Common problems for the air valves are deposits that cause the valve to stick or become plugged.

       Symptoms of a defective unit or defective plug on the unit unit can include rough idle, or a car that wants to cut off at idle, but runs well above at normal driving speeds

        BONNEVILLE 986-1988
        FIERO 1985-1988
        FIREBIRD  TA 1985-1992
        CAMARO IROC-Z(1)1990-1990
        CAMARO RS(1)1992-1992
        CAMARO Z28(1)1991-1991
      IMPALA 1985-85  


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