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Torque Arm Insulator: 84-92 Firebird TA & Camaro  [3.1112]


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Torque Arm Insulator: 84-92 Firebird TA  & Camaro

     The USA Made 1984-1992Series "Energy Suspension" torque arm inserts are a very strong replacement INSERT for the factory torque arm.

1984-92 models could have this type OR the 31111 series. If in doubt.. order both and post/ return for a refund the one your car does NOT need..if that is simple enough.. or check which is used on your car. There is no known way to figure which you may have.

  NOTE how the "W" insert cutout is on the hump side.. the top of the "w" is outward towards the Flat side of the the mount.  for 84-92 owners.. you may find yours is opposite design of this.... then its the 31111.

Once the old rubber is removed.. it clamps into the bracket shell and holds the metal arm that comes up from the diff with rigidity.. stronger then traditional rubber..and a bucket load cheaper then standard rubber.

  The Torque arms basically are there to reduce wheel hop in acceleration, reduce shudder under braking & add greater handling control.

   Its not uncommon for these to wear out.. but they add to clunking & stress on the gearbox mount if its crook.  These are also preffered when ussing higher performance tires & horsepower upgrades. Works to upgrade your traction bar by firming things up.

These are so good they are Patented.

  • Located on the LHS side of the gearbox..
  • Choose Red or Black ...

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