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A: Disc Brake kit: 65-70 Full Size - Standard  [DiscKit6570F]


    $1,200.00 $970.00


Full Size Chevy 1965-69 Complete
Stock Height Disc Brake kit:

This is a good complete kit, comes with instructions for easier factory type assembly.

You need to have at least 15" rims .... NOT 14".

If you have been in the trade a bit.. you will also recognise the valve that the rotors and pads are GM Replica's and are .. on going.. a commonly available part. Also good for rego authorities.


  • El Camino, Impala, Belair, Parisienne, Laurentian 



  • Includes 11"  Rotors
  • Loaded Calipers,
  •  Caliper Brackets,
  • Backing Plates, 
  • Brake Hoses with Banjo Bolts,
  • Vacuum Hose with Intake Manifold Fittings,
  •  Bearings, Seals, Dust Caps,
  • Cast Iron Master Cylinder,
  •  Brass Proportioning Valve Kit
  • and a Power Brake Booster, Or choose the size you want...
  • Spindle Nuts, Spindle Washers and all Hardware.
  • We also supply new complete rear wheel cylinders to make the Hydralics all new.

 You MUST have 15" or larger rims to use this what is . a 1969-86 GM USA copy kit.

You need to have at least 15" rims .... NOT 14".

STOCKS ARE LIMITED but normally in stock - .  If need be book a set & allow up to  21 days or less for supply if you need to .. plan ahead.

Delivery:  Truck freight only .. NO COD.. this is a very kit of normally three  heavy cartons. Costs for Australian delivery is $33 to $150 pro-rata from Wollongong.

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