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Decal Kit: Firebird 67-68 HO - Choose Colour  [PW13710]


 Price:  $295.11


Factory Duplicate Decal kit for the restoration of HO versions 67-8 Firebird  as shown.

Choose from White or Black or Red

NOTE.. due to a couple of people recently simply wanting to "Buy & Return" .. Stencils and single colour decal kits  purchase this part understanding it is NOT returnable.  We know twice in 2014 these have been returned after scanning the vinyl decals by people.. no more.. if you need to borrow one to scan ask the U.S.A  manufacturer for the outline plan for it etc.. .. we'll not supply out a decal kit after somebody has fooled around it - its not fair to good customers, us or the manufacturer who has made the effort to produce something .. correct.

   We have  stopped this after one unknown buyer purchased & returned 3 different choices to 'give him a variety".. only to find they are now selling the same stencil kit... no more.

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