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Molding Kit: Rear Window Set 70-74 Firebird/ Camaro (Black) has been added to your Cart
Door Hinge: 70-81F Lower (repro) Each

Lower Door Hinge (each) ... these fit either sides.. ie one hinge will fit either LH or RH sides..

... .. order TWO if you want both sides.

This is the LOWER hinge as a REPRODUCTION not GM and not that expensive either......brand new.

     Personal rating.. EXCELLENT.. I'd use these on my own restoration.

  HELP NOTE:  One of the issues   2nd gen Firebird TA & Camaro owners.. that 70's - 81 series.. plus many with BIG HEAVY Doors like the 70's full size car Coupes have.. is worn door hinges and striker pins. That can be fixed. 

    But it has also often unknown to the restorer..... and it's too often been  the cause of the complaints about the use of NEW door and Roof Rail seals when fitted.. the seals get the blame of being crap etc... will not let the doors close etc. Yes there are some cheap seals that are not great out there .. but USA made ones have been overall the best. 

   Issues with trying to close the doors after fitting new seals on older hinged doors. Its not normally the seals.. but the inability for the factory designed humps molded into the upper forward door seal and the forward lower roof rail seal to "glove" into the tight "interlocking" sealing position designed when the doors hinges did not have the door sagging..

    It might only sage 4 mil at the openned end of the door but can easily make up 10mil at the upper front of the doors body.     Also too make sure your door striker pin is good..not worn out after 40-50 years. 

    Don't just blame the seals..   Something to think about but it's repeatedly been an issue. Not all seals are made well.

    And most cars have hinge sage.  Simple as that to be aware of.


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