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Key: Ignition, Trunk or Door Key.

This is the supply of ONE key or your choice.

Different years of GM production saw different designs of keys. The early simple way to figure out your keys replacement is by looking on your key itself.. and seeing if you can see a Letter Code.. ie... A or B or C or D etc..

We provide GM Keys only.. not after market keys.

The chance of your key NOT having this, or being a copy is high.. the chance of your locks having been changed is also high.. so not everyone will work out from this listing.. but if it does.. they get some key blanks here and get them cut.. Check them first on arrival to see it the lines look the same close up also.

If you have no idea about the originality of your locks/keys.. we can also go by year and model, then hope somebody has not tried to fit a Holden or other type of lock during the years etc.

These IGNITION keys are NOT for the 86/88 GM Vats key.


  • Send a separate order for doors, trunk, or ignition.

    LIST YOUR CARS MODEL & YEAR on checkout.

    Some help here..

  • 85-86 Cars will mostly run "B" door keys
  • 87-90 GM Cars mainly run "D" door keys
  • 91-96 GM Cars mainly run "H" Door keys.
  • 67-81 GM ..many J, E, C,A code ignition & then B,D, H, K for doors or trunk

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